Sculpture with projection screen in front of Instituto Raízes em Movimento 
Photos, Video of the metal sculpture workshop with Coletivo Noix Q Faz

With its extra wide and white chest the sculpture looks rather peaceful. In its right hand it carries a torch, and in its left the Olympic rings. But when you get closer you can see that the sculpture crushes small human figures with its gym shoes. Others are trying to get away from it.
The seeming innocent sports of the Olympic Games are the cause for displace­ment and violence. Especially the people in the favelas of Rio in Brazil were affected by it. They personally suffered the negative consequences of the Olympic Games without being part of the Olympics themselves.
The sculpture Torch Relay is standing in the middle of the favela Complexo do Alemäo in Rio and was realized together with artists of the graffiti collective Noix Q Faz who live there. The chest of the torchbearer is still used as a screen by the inhabitants of the favela when they show films in public.

with Noix Q Faz (Viviane, Soneca)