Sound sculpture against homophobia & transphobia

We say things in a roundabout way - the expression in German is "through the flower" - because it has always been easier, in the 1950s just as it is today. We put flowers in a quite special spinning round vase and sent them on a journey - to town halls and places where their presence in public is guaranteed. Because some of the blossoms are able to speak. At the push of a button they tell not only of past and present discrimination but also of struggles against it. They are personal stories, big and small experiences from the past which have consequences for the present. Above all they are every day stories, of here and today.
It's not so long ago that gays and lesbians were officially persecuted in our countries. The victims of this homo-hating prejudice are still awaiting rehabilitation.

The sculpture is on the move since January 2010.

with Christian Find